Framingham State University
  Department of Geography presents

 Summer 2015
 Berlin & Dresden,
 Germany & Prague,
 Czech Republic
 May 22 - 31, 2015
Travel Information: Some items still in progress! Important Dates and News:
  Monday 1/12
We have begun accepting applications and deposits

Friday 2/20
Last day to accept applications and deposits

is available here!
(share with your friends!)

Please fill out an application (here) and return it with your refundable $500 deposit (or credit card information) and submit it to Dr. Judy Otto ASAP!

ANYONE can be a traveler with us! FSU students, friends and family are all welcome to join the adventure!  We need a separate application and payment from each traveler.  Travelers will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.


All applications MUST CONTAIN EITHER...

  ► A copy of your current (valid) Passport
  ► A copy of your submitted Passport application


Subject to change
All hotels are 3 & 4-star properties and full breakfast will be served every day!


Passport Applications

Passports take time to obtain so get one NOW!

You will need to bring completed forms, required identification and 2 passport approved photos to an application center as soon as possible!

Note: If your passport will expire less than 3 months after our departure date, you must renew your passport!

US Dept. of State Passport Website:

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