Framingham State University Geography
 Paris, France
 Spring Break 2017
 March 10 - 17        $1775 pp/do

Geog291/891: Western Regional Field Study: Paris, France

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This course explores and explains the geography of Paris and the Il- de-France as one example of the emergence of global cities of political and economic power in the world economy.

Understanding how and why a particular place came to be is the fundamental task of Geography, and fieldwork is an essential component of that task. Fieldwork enables personal observations and analysis, interviews and interactions with people of other cultures and places, and an on-the-ground perspective that cannot be gained from reading or classroom lectures and other activities. Fieldwork is an important part of our Geography program at Framingham State and is strongly recommended for all majors.

Course readings, activities, and excursions have been selected to complement the following course themes:

  • The rationalization of urban space: Haussmann and the politics of redevelopment and nation-building;

  • City-center of empire and trade;

  • City of international culture (fashion, art, the Grands Projets); and

  • Immigration pressures: cultural and economic difference.

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