Professor Brian Cacchiotti, VL
Weather and Climate Lab

Department of Geography
328 Meier Hall
Salem State College
Salem, Massachusetts  01970
Fall 2018 Semester
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  Welcome to our lab website!  
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Please check back often, especially if you have missed a lab.
  • QUIZ ONE was on October 23, 24 and 25 and make up test(s) are over.  I will return quizzes this week!

  • Many students missed lab during the week of Halloween. We did lab 5 from a HANDOUT!
    It is NOT lab 5 in the lab manual.  You can get a copy of lab 5 HERE and it is due this week of 11/06-11/08.
    This lab features several new formulas and use of a sling psychrometer. 
    It is important you understand these for the final quiz!

  • All missing or late work for Labs 1, 2, 3a, 3b and the GPS lab should be turned in ASAP!

  • Most of the links you can see are not active yet.  This is not a bug, but on purpose.
  • This year the weather and climate labs will be in a state of experimentation.  We are actively trying to improve our labs by introducing new and innovative ways to help you learn the important concepts of meteorology.  Please understand that some things may differ from your lab manual and that we will often be working in a more freestyle manner while employing innovative and analytical solutions to real world problems.  It's going to be a bumpy ride at times, but I think it will be worth the trip!
  • Please be sure to purchase your own personal copy of the Weather and Climate Lab Manual in the Salem State Bookstore
  • Despite the rumors and misinformation that you may hear, Weather and Climate Lab does meet during the first week! 
    Please attend or you will be marked as absent.
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Tutor: Nick LaQuerre Lab 5 (ws) Lab 5 (a) Lab 5
Sling Psychrometer

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