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Framingham State University Geography
Barcelona, Spain
Spring Break 2020
March 13-20, 2020    $1888 pp/do

Geog291/891: Western Regional Field Study: Barcelona, Spain

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This course explores and explains the geography of Barcelona and Catalonia as an example of the development of regional trading centers, the politics of sub-national identity, and the 21st century rebranding of the city as a center for international high culture.

Course readings, activities, and excursions will be selected to complement the course themes.

          • Politics and Identity of Barcelona
                        (Catalonia's historical relationship with Spain and its desire for autonomy)
          • Barcelona as a City of empire and trade
          • Barcelona as a City of modernity
                        (the Cerda plan and 19th century growth and change)
          • Barcelona as a City of international culture
                        (the 1992 Olympics, new cultural landmarks, “star-chitecture,” and “branding” the city)

This course can be taken for either undergraduate (GEOG 291) or graduate (GEOG 891) credit.

Email Dr. Otto for more information and a preliminary syllabus.
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