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We are Judy Otto and Brian Cacchiotti, two married geography professors who want you to travel the world and expand your horizons!  We offer several travel opportunities each year through Framingham State University, for both personal enrichment and course credit.  We have been leading student tours with Framingham State since 2010 and have had more than 300 travelers discover new and exciting things about the world... and themselves!

We welcome EVERYONE to travel with us... if you can be considered a friend of Framingham State or Salem State!  This includes current students, past students, alumni, faculty, librarians, staff, and their friends and family!  In fact, you do not need to have a current connection to either school... if you want to come, and you have an adventurous attitude... JOIN US!  Unfortunately, unaccompanied minors can not travel with us. Sorry.

As geography educators it is an important part of our mission to present the many amazing aspects of our world to anyone seeking better understanding, more adventure, incredible beauty, natural and man-made splendor, or just the opportunity to see this astonishing planet and meet its fascinating inhabitants!

As Brian said at our Welcome Dinner in Athens, Greece...

"Bringing the world to you means the world to us!"


These are the travel opportunities for 2018
Please click on the trip for more information

Spring Break
The Azores and Lisbon
March 9 - 16, 2018
$1779 pp/do

We are combining two amazing destinations into one outstanding spring break trip! The Azores Islands, located in the central Atlantic, are a natural paradise, and Lisbon is the vibrant, rediscovered modern city of Portugal!

Summer Institute
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
July 9 - 16, 2018
  $2199 pp/do *

Often called the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is a beautiful city of canals, flowers and art as well as the spiritual heart of the Netherlands. Amsterdam has a rich history as the capital of a global trading empire.

We will be including several exploration events into this trip for those enrolling in the Summer Institute course, and invite all travelers to join us as well. 

Massachusetts K-12 educators may qualify for a stipend by taking the Summer Institute course for PDPs

* some additional costs will be required for course participants and those who wish to join us for these optional events.


Massachusetts K-12 education professionals may participate in
the FSU Center for Global Education program which will provide some additional funding opportunities!

Contact Dr. Judy Otto
for more detailed information!

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